part 1

decorated attic window of birds, angels and foliage

Visitors see the center piece and the jewel of Cherveux being drawn in front of them when they arrive at the castle from the village. It is a superb dungeon with its "angles redans", its carved machicolations and its richly decorated attic window of birds, angels and foliage.

Aerial view of the castle

One of the most beautiful features of the castle is the arrangement of the various buildings, which are joined, from the massive dungeon, by a succession of towers and turrets with cut-off corners. All together, they form a pentagonal composition, which is both tremendous and picturesque. In spite of its very ancient origin, the castle, several times ruined by wars, appears today much like it did in the second part of the 15th century. When the castle was originally built by Robert de Coningham ( more information in the historical part) a second surrounding wall reinforced with towers was constructed. This wall is no longer in existence. During the wars, the neighbouring inhabitants could get protection from enemies and settle down inside this surrounding shelter with their families, their furniture and their herds. In return for this protection, they had to help with repairs and to mount guard

dormant stone bridge

Nowadays we get into the inside yard by a dormant stone bridge

Just after the bridge, beside the porch, in a more recent construction which was used in the past to accommodate the soldiers, you will find guestrooms. Through sieges and wars, heavy destruction was caused and the biggest part of the wall disappeared for ever. In the irregular pentagonal court yard, we can see a round roofless tower.

Imposing but elegant, partly medieval and partly Renaissance, this freestone construction is a bright testimony to its builders richness and sense of tactics.



Its angles were intended to protect the windows and the defenders, as with the recent use of firearms, the structure of the military buildings had to be modified.

a sturdy, roofless tower

Nowadays, the castle is surrounded with wide moats and a strong wall. In the North West angleCour intérieure du château, a sturdy, roofless tower reminds us of the first feudal construction that used to stand there until the 15th century.

Pigeon house

Pigeon house

On the right, adjoining the dungeon, stands the dwelling. two high hexagonal staircase towers and flamboyant gothic sculptures light the facade up.

angles to protect the windows

View from the roofs of the castle

view on the roof